Coronation Decoration and Table Setting Ideas

Coronation Decoration and Table Setting Ideas

"The Coronation is a moment when we sense that we are one people. It is a feeling of togetherness that makes me very happy. When the moment arrives I know we will all go bunting crazy."

- Emma 


With the Coronation just around the corner, it’s almost time to hang out the bunting, close the roads and bring friends and neighbours together for a celebration that will knit us all back together as a community, and as a country.

Decorations Fit for the King

Hang our Long Live the King banner above the mantlepiece or over street party table, dress tea towels up as works of art and proudly display or hang them from windows and porches as you get ready for a local knees up.

A Sea of Red, White and Blue

Pay hommage to all things British with our Union Jack patterned pieces.

How to Make a Rag Wreath

What better excuse for making a wreath than to celebrate the coronation? We love the idea of a whole street hung with these beauties, made from strips of red, white and blue fabrics (or offcuts from the community bunting making effort). You need to start with a ring base with an approximate 30cm diameter (either cut a ring from carboard with nice thick edges, repurpose your Christmas wreath base, or buy a simple base from a craft shop). Cut 25cm long, 5-10cm wide strips of sturdy red, white and blue fabric (how about using that old pair of jeans?).Tie randomly around the wreath base, passing the strip under the wreath and tying it in half with a simple ‘left over right’ knot.  Gradually build up the volume of the wreath until you get the effect that you want: we say the bigger and bolder the better.

Roll on the Table Cloths

We love the simplicity (and convenience) of white paper table cloths, preferably on a roll, to cover lengths of mismatched trestle tables and make them look as smart as anything.

Follow with a haphazard line of jam jars filled with bunches of whatever is looking best from the garden - sweet peas, cow parsley and corn flowers – and the hedgerow- Oxeye Daisy and borage. 


Complete your party table with pieces from our commemorative collection, which calls for resounding cheers for our new king in deep rich colours of red, gold and purple. 

There is a traditional Half Pint Mug, a splendid Pint Size Mug and a very useful Small Mug (this last size is extremely useful when you are pouring for lots of people at a street party!) 

There is also a generous Teapot; a stunning Cake Stand; an essential Tea Tray, a Sandwich Tin, and the all-important Tea Caddy.

For those looking for something a bit different we have a Wildflowers table cloth which would serve as a fitting tribute to our nature-loving King.

To this we would add a scattering of Flowers patterns (you could be clever and chose those on the new Royal Mail postal stamps or Coronation invitation) and give pride of place to a King Countryman 1/2 Pint Mug.