Emma's Edit: Spring

Emma's Edit: Spring

Roses all my life but ESPECIALLY in deep midwinter!!

I love that we have launched roses so recklessly into the coldest of January weather- it feels positively Baltic, both at home on the brink of the North Sea and in east London with freezing mist creeping through the Wapping streets from the brimming Thames!!

The Roses pattern is so wildly lush and abundant that it really does flout the weather and cheer the spirits- it was a lot of work to get all those delicious colours just right and I feel hugely proud of the results- and of COURSE the 6 pint jug is my absolute hero piece. And I’m loving the addition of a pair of rosy pink breakfast cups to my kitchen- they are such a diverting treat on a freezing morning.



Lush rosy pink abundance to get you through this positively Baltic freezing weather: if like me you feel a green reluctance to fly away to escape from January this new pattern is especially welcome!

Our new Blue Double Dot cup and saucer fills me with smiling joy: it’s a homage to William Morris and also to friendship- Georgie Burne-Jones kept a generous sized blue spotted  cup quite like this in her Fulham kitchen - it was reserved for WM’s especial use on his almost daily visits. She and her husband Edward were his best friends. 

I snapped up a sample of a hen on nest (one of my most favourite items!) in the Pink Daisy Fields design. The pretty pattern will always make me think of the riot of moon daisies last summer in the water meadows along the Upper reaches of the Thames- and in my very wild garden in Norfolk: and as the lilacs come into flower at about the same time, we took a colour note from them.

My current reading obsession is Ultra-Processed People by Chris van Tulleken. 

We have always known that we should avoid food that has E numbers among its ingredients- but now I really believe it!

I urge you to read (or listen to) this book, as it tells a terrifically important story of the importance of understanding our food choices. Moreover, the author has an engaging way of conveying what might in other hands be a daunting a load of scientific data- he makes it gripping, and better still memorable.