Emma's Edit: Autumn

Emma's Edit: Autumn

Here goes...

The (Wood!) Pigeon is a lovely example of Matthew’s heartfelt and evocative painting of British Birds. The side plate is going straight onto my dresser along with the mug, and I’d add the Turtle Doves mug, another favourite piece of illustration. 

Superfluous to say it, but in case you don’t know me- I have a miscellaneous kitchen dresser and China cupboards bulging with mismatched stuff, and I’m especially keen on adding to my pile of soup dishes as I enjoy using our old fashioned soup plate shape- it holds just the right amount of pasta, soup, stew or whatever… And I really love turnips when they come into season so I’m adding the Turnips soup plate to my request list please- actually please may I have a pair? Seasonal and local is so much the nicest way to plan my cooking adventures and these will keep me on track! With a pair of Artichokes linen napkins to make the point, please.

The trompe l’œil pattern Laying the Table is a delight and the small oval platter with its big old silver spoon is fun and also good looking- whether on my dresser or piled up with sticky profiteroles. 


Now then! I especially want to draw attention to the lovely Ivy design, available in a sensible classic range of shapes which are for when I want to do an old fashioned Friday supper party, where just for once we all eat off the same pattern for all 3 courses- an idea which is to me so old fashioned as to feel suddenly almost radical and certainly exciting. Think how fantastic this is going to look! 

And I’m going to find a plain linen tablecloth in a saturated deep apple green, and light the room only with candlelight- I cannot wait!

The Halloween Toast makes me laugh, and it also reminds me how important it is to celebrate the seasons with energy and imagination: make sure you have a bonfire in the dark, and encourage children of all ages out into the starlit garden for a musical sparklers show and a lantern-lit barbecue.

I need the Halloween Roasting dish in my life!