Behind The Design: Lovely Geraniums

Behind The Design: Lovely Geraniums

It all started when Nell filled her kitchen with shockingly red geraniums; Nell had the power, in many many ways, including surprising interior design flourishes of which this was one. She also painted her utility room in matt black- never has washing powder looked so truly glamorous. 

And her sitting room was GOLD- I don’t know how, just assumed that angels decreed it so. That room had a sofa covered with a print of Singles Records- you know, old  45s- it was as groovy as it sounds.

So we all knew to fill our windowsills with red geraniums- and in the winter, having as yet no greenhouse in my life, my whole house is full of them- not just the windowsills.

I smiled to hear a chap actually yelp with surprise on opening the bathroom door recently and discovering he had to hunt for the loo behind 2 very large pots of scented pelargoniums.

My daughter Kitty painted this tea towel, it’s in a window in my norfolk house- but at home she has geraniums too.
Do you?

- Emma