Behind The Design: Folk Art

Behind The Design: Folk Art

New folk, reminiscent of home — wherever that may be.

The simple patterning aims to evoke memories of places freighted with feelings of a lost childhood paradise. That might simply be the country village, the hill farm, the modest terraced house or old Vicarage you grew up in.


Influence from the East

Influences from Eastern Europe Poland, villages closer to home, a farm in Washington State and the Scottish Highlands all to be emotional illustrations of Back Home places that we recognise as freighted with feelings of lost Eden. 


Bordering on…

Emma loved the simplicity of the Folk borders; they reminded her of old wallpaper.

Many iterations of the borders were drawn up during the design process. There was a focus on creating a seamless transition between sections of the plate's borders, with an emphasis on the borders crashing into each other more.


Walk with the animals

Early sketches of the animals appeared too structured and accurate. Medieval manuscripts, books of hours and primitive drawings were referenced to give the animals a looser appearance. The design team looked at drawing the animals from memory and stretching them out to be long and thin in places.

Foxes, rabbits, whippets, stoats, cockerels and others were sketched, stretched and considered – with just a few making the final cut.


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