Female-founded B Corps to Know & Love

Female-founded B Corps to Know & Love

In March every year the B Corp community join together to celebrate B Corp month to build understanding around the B Corp Certification and highlight fellow B Corps - companies that are environmentally and socially responsible, and the people using business as a force for good.

We have selected some of our favourites here, from brilliant knickers and problem-solving skincare to a household cleaning brand that is quite out of the ordinary.

By Sarah London | www.bysarahlondon.com

A leukaemia diagnosis led sisters Sarah and Lauren to launch By Sarah London – the skincare range spanning natural facial oils to milky cleansers that care for even the most sensitive, stressed skin. Their dermatologically approved formulations strengthen the skin barrier and support the skin’s microbiome to repair, regenerate and regain balance, unlike so many skincare products which can leave your skin feeling aggravated and stripped bare. With rave reviews and a cult following, it's no wonder this brand counts the Indy Best Buy 2023 among its many awards. They too are proud to be certified B Corp, committed to safeguarding the planet and minimising their environmental impact. 

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Stripe and Stare | www.stripeandstare.com

For founders Katie and Nicola, it was impossible to understand why there was no such thing as a comfortable pair or knickers, something you could put on and forget you were wearing it, leaving you wedgie free and ready to focus on life’s more important problems. After six years of research and design development, in 2017 Stripe and Stare was born. Along the way they discovered that only 3% of the world’s underwear is sustainably sourced, and most is cast off and sent to landfill. Stripe and Stare knickers are made from Tencel Modal which is produced from wood pulp from sustainable farms, meaning that they are 95% biodegradable: just snip off the lace and put them in the compost. Better still, the company will plant a mangrove tree in Madagascar for every order placed.

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Seep | www.theseepcompany.com

Like so many brilliant ideas, Seep was born out of a sense of frustration. While eco cleaning products have become more widely available over the last 20 years, the tools with which we clean our houses- cloths, sponges, scourers- have languished resolutely a sea of plastic. Enter Laura Harnett, an eco-conscious mother of two from London who decided to address this lack by launching Seep (Sustainable Essential Everyday Products)  to produce truly plastic-free cleaning products and clean up the way we clean. The company sell a range of cellulose and loofah scourers, cleaning cloths made form plant fibres, biodegradable bin liners and ethically made fair trade FSC natural rubber gloves.  All products are fully compostable, as the company believes that everyone should be able to carry out their household chores without hurting the planet.

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